An introduction to this blog

Hello and welcome to what I affectionately term as the ‘Cowshed’.
The aim of this site is to help generate ideas and conversation that help businesses that are positively affected by the content on this site.
The company itself is in place to help organisations meld creative ideas with business strategy to help you achieve success and enjoy the process. Whilst the Purple Cow Ideas Management website is in place to help you understand the context in which we integrate in businesses, this site is here to discuss topics in a public domain to help as many people as possible.

Now, some of you may know that I have spent the last two years in very sunny Australia (as she looks outside at the grey clouds of the UK) and coming back to the UK business market meant investing a lot of time reading up on recent activities. With RSS feeds hitting capacity, I was running out of time to implement the ideas I gleaned from them as well as try and read EVERYTHING and have a life… no comment necessary!
So, with that in mind, I plan to use 80% of what I communicate as thought provoking content and therefore I will include research, public comment, and ideas on how to utilise what is discussed to help your business. The other 20% will help you get to know me.
Things you can do to connect with me:
1. update your RSS readership to include this blog
2. find me on Twitter, LinkedIn
3. submit any questions you may have via email or using the comments box below.
I look forward to helping you make the most of your business and utilise whatever degree of creativity you need to be successful in a renewed economy.
Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.

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