Today I ate a frog

Finally, I got myself out of the office and into the cold to get back into running. I’ve done a fair bit in the past including two London Marathons, but what with all I have had on to distract me at work, I’ve only been able to maintain some sort of physical workout in front of the DVD bouncing around to Davina. For anybody who runs/ran, you’ll hopefully know that feeling of starting to run again after a break – it feels like your body is reminding you how warm it was indoors and it has taken away any remainder of previous efforts. You just have to push on through…

So, after booking myself onto two runs, I’ve committed myself to getting back into a pattern of regularly pounding the streets and fields nearby where I live. The first is the Newham London Run on the 7th March where I get to jog for 10km round the Olympic Park and the second is the Sports Relief Mile (in London) on the 21st March.

Having these to aim for has given me the motivation to get back into something I used to really enjoy. Having spoken with friends and family who are taking part in this year’s London Marathon I’ve been inspired by their commitment and enthusiasm to prepare even in those dark winter evenings.

As I was jogging, I thought about what it was that typically led to poor performance and I came up with two things that can affect us all in most situations; positive mindset and preparation. If I go into a run thinking ‘I haven’t run for ages and this is going to be tough… I can’t do it’ then nine times out of 10, I’m usually right! If I go into it thinking ‘finally, I got out of the house and have started running again, it can only get better from here in’, then I find I can complete the distance faster and am far less puffed at the end.

For me, the ability to run whenever and wherever I choose gives me the ability to pick it up when I feel I am going to be better at it. I know I may have a million other things that I could be doing in the warmth of our home but I know I’ll kick myself if I don’t get round to doing it. Already it has been far too long for me to eat the frog and get into a pattern again. Having set myself two events to aim for, I now have a goal – something we all need in our lives. Not only that I’ve got my brother to run with me in the first one and then the entire family for Sports Relief; getting others involved helps you stick to something a lot better.

So as the movie says (see hyperlink above), look at your list of things to do, circle the one you want to do least and get it done. You’ll feel better for it and realise that having done it, things start to change for the better for you.

Special shout outs to Matt, William, and Andy for unwittingly inspiring me to get out there – I wish them the best of luck for the 26.2miles (42km) they have to conquer in April.

Hopefully, most of you will realise that I am comparing my running to the way in which you can apply yourself at work, and with that in mind here is a quote for you to think about: “In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you.” William Knudsen Jr.

p.s. As I’m typing this I can see there is snow falling – no wonder it was tough to breath when I was out there a few minutes ago!

Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Today I ate a frog

  1. Ouch! – mental preparation is so important but so is the skill of the guy performing the operation! Knowing you, you\’ll use that time recovering to your advantage. Bryony and the girls will I\’m sure be helping you along and before you know it you\’ll be doing more than you could before.

  2. Good luck with your two runs, I\’m due a knee operation so have six months of physio to look forward to, i\’ve already started to mentally prepare myself for that and getting fit after it and agree putting a positive spin on it can only help make things easierAndy

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