Running your own business

For those in the special position of a business owner, we all recognise that it’s never an easy path to take. However, like Seth says in a recent blog postthe people who successfully start independent businesses … do it because we have no real choice in the matter. The voice in our heads won’t shut up until we discover if we’re right, if we can do it, if we can make something happen. This is an art, our art, and to leave it bottled up is a crime.”

The Jekyll and Hyde persona many of us take on simply amazes me. From the emotional lows where we question even our mere abilities to perform becomes a louder voice, right through to the giddy heights where euphoria and self-belief reign high; sustainable success and momentum is achieved when you reduce the amount of oscillation between the highs and lows and establish something a little steadier.

Whether you are flying solo or have a team, it’s important to emotionally connect with those around you to ensure you don’t let negative thoughts fester and conversely stop good ideas turning into great ideas.

The beautiful irony of the low days is the discovery of small pockets of your persona that you’ve never met before. All the tough days, all the times when you consider changing what you do now, they’re just battle scars which in time will fade. Sometime in the future, they’ll remind you of what you went through to be the person you are now and tomorrow. And you should be proud of it because all that experience counts for everything. It’s that experience that will make you a role model or mentor for someone in the future as well as form the foundation for your business in the future.

If you are faced with a low day, remember this; if you stopped doing what you’re doing today, would the voice inside your head be shouting even louder? You may not necessarily have all the skills to do it alone and that’s where a team (virtual or physical) comes into play. But if you wouldn’t change this for the world, then take some time to reflect, refine, and reposition yourself so that you can attack the next phase of your career with renewed confidence and passion.

Just make sure you’re fit for purpose before you go fixing everyone else. The secret to living might be in giving, but you have to be on top form in the first place to serve others successfully.

Be the reason. Be your best. And go forth and conquer.

Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Running your own business

  1. My wife and I are both solo. Different worlds though. we both follow the OK it can get bad, and you tighten belts/cope/swallow the insults to the client…

    But also it’s really important to celebrate the successes. Splash out and enjoy. Being careful when low, and doing nothing when life’s OK or better is no life!

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