New Technologies = New Cost Model?

It’s never been easier to hit a ‘download’ button without consideration for how much bandwidth we use.

We all benefit from the price wars fought out between those in the retail space, but what about those who operate businesses that support these constantly evolving lifestyles of ours?

The bitter sweet irony for our Channel is that in an industry that delivers and supports the very technologies that are changing our world, it is here where there are still a large proportion averting their eyes from the new expectations and mindsets that come with it. If this were to carry on for too much longer, the divide between those who adapt and those who don’t try will get wider.

It’s no longer fair to assume a user won’t save photos and music on the company server or access their favourite websites unless they are educated or physically controlled? And can we, in a world where users believe they are more technically savvy, let them know we’re limiting the boundaries they have on their own equipment.

And is it still okay to offer flexible working with one hand but with the other penalise their need for technical support if they happen to want to work late into the evening? It’s not just how we adapt our supporting processes, but also how we change the mindsets within our businesses.

What if you could change the way your clients could see the impact of their actions but in a way that had a positive affect on the business and your relationships?

Maybe by changing to a charge-per-email model would help them relate to what you offer as a service to them better and/or re-work your SLAs so that they better supported your clients’ needs whilst fairly remunerating you? Maybe, we could report back to them how much storage space an email attachment sent out to their friends actually costs the network as if we were a storage bank? We could credit them one month and debit them the next…

These trending technologies need a new way of thinking both pre- and post-sale, but you should not fear the pause you need to take in order to re-work your business model in order to manage these changes. This ‘pause’ is a strategic investment to help push through everything you may have unwittingly put there to obstruct your potential.

Whatever works best for your clients (and you’ll know best), it might be time to tackle some of these issues head on and succeed where so many others simply stumble over. That should be compelling enough.

Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


One thought on “New Technologies = New Cost Model?

  1. Like it. The cloud paradigm is creating a new role. The traditional Subject Matter Expert presales now needs to interweave business focus. Why? Customers need confidence that the innovative solutions they need ( lets say hybrid cloud computing ) not only will technically work but also meet business goals. Saying No is very much an option for a customer or worse – saying no to you but yes to one of your competitors.


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