Are You Obsolete Yet?

When young adults with only a few years left in school don’t understand the point of a desktop PC, and when babies wave their hands at the TV to change the channel, are we as adults who knew of a life before the personal computer prepared for the next generations?

Even now we have people who complete forms in ‘text speak‘ without thinking of the implications, and there are a growing number of individuals who have limited skills in areas that we as employers traditionally value.

Whilst it’s not always easy to understand or even accept what’s happening, it’s nothing new. It’s just that revolutionary technology has accelerated and encouraged the ‘in our day’ phrase to become more prolific in our conversations.

Whether it’s the fault of the ‘in a minute‘ parents substituting quality time with their children in place of an Xbox or iPad, it seems the age of the hieroglyphic is upon us again.

Show any child from any part of the world the Angry Birds icon or the Windows Start Button (Vista Pearl) and they’ll know what they get when they press it. They are no longer looking for words, but instead icons, images, and logos.

The challenge for us is that they aren’t so much interested in learning what we know, but are looking the other way and waiting for the latest and greatest to arrive. Who can blame them? It’s only a matter of a few years before the mobile phone is nothing more than a small box clipped to our ear. And we thought we were a privileged generation…

If we want our businesses to succeed long after we’ve gone, we’re going to need to book some time in to investigate this paradigm shift further.

Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


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