IT Professional Community Groups

Wherever you are in the UK, there is a group of like minded professionals keen to get you involved. Over the last seven years, these groups have successfully connected business professionals in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Channel with peers, market segments, and vendors.

The ability to chat with those who are able to pose new ideas and discussions has enabled thousands of VARs, MSPs, and those with a passion for technology to grow their business and enjoy the process.

For further information on how you can become more involved, click back to our home page and and find your local group using the provided links.

Susanne Dansey is the Managing Director of Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that facilitates a paradigm shift in the collaborative nature of the ICT Industry. You can follow her on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “IT Professional Community Groups

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  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes, it is still very much active and you can reach out to Chris Timm to is at the helm via Twitter @tegwin

    A fairly humble group at the moment but I have no doubt still very relevant in our Channel.


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