Remembering the Child in All of Us

I live on a main road near the heart of London in one of its up and coming areas where the busy-ness and loud noises are just part of every day life. The other day I looked across the road and I happened to see through a window a child jumping up and down on a couch. At first I smiled and then really started to laugh; here was a child, in the middle of all this chaos, taking the time to enjoy something purely simple.

As business people, we often forget to take time to enjoy the simple things around us. Too often, we are caught up in meetings and deadlines only to forget the child in all of us and the need to enjoy life before it’s gone.

We must learn to at times pause long enough to realise that we all have a child inside us that needs attention. If we were to pursue the seriousness of ourselves all the time, we risk forgetting that what we all are human first and put on this planet to do more than just work.

Our customers look for the child or human side of our business so that they can connect better with us; it allows them to get a better feel for who you are, not just as a business but as a person they can feel comfortable associating with. An easy way to encourage this is by creating a simple story about your product or service. It allows us to boil things down to create the essence of who you are and easily tell others what you are trying to accomplish. Not only does it help others easily understand what you are trying to communicate but it helps create a stickiness that lasts long after a meeting.

Since the goal is easy, you must keep your messaging simple and yet engaging in order to regain control of you life whilst allowing your audience to absorb and promote it for you.

Lexi is a Marketing Evangelist at Purple Cow Ideas Management – an organisation that helps technology businesses redesign their business models to help them communicate to their customers better. You can follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.


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