Microsoft Business Partner Briefings Q4FY11

The Partner Business Briefings will take place in four locations across the UK:

Birmingham (18th October),

London (20th October),

Manchester (1st November),

and Edinburgh (3rd November).

Following the Partner Business Briefing structure of a morning Executive keynote and technology showcase, they will then have two rounds of track sessions by technology or big bet, giving partners the opportunity of attending more than one big bet session. Microsoft will then run a final round of track sessions by partner type.


09:00 Registration

09:30 Executive Keynote

10:30 Technology Showcase

12:00 Win the DataCentre | Relise the Future of Productivity | Win the Database /Consumarisation of IT | Cloud

13:00 Lunch and Expo

14:00 Same mix as 12:00 but obviously you can pick something else

15:00 Break

15:15 SIs and VARs | ISVs / Dynamics, MPN Masterclass

17:00 End

Previously, it’s been very easy for Microsoft Partners to turn up and just listen to what’s being said – this in my view is a waste of everyone’s time since a lot of the information can be gleaned from online resources or simply picking up the phone and asking the very people presenting. Instead, it would be great if those in attendance used the time constructively i.e. if you aren’t getting any value as a partner then use the opportunity to tell someone and resolve it. It’s also a great networking opportunity, a bit like your local monthly IT Professional Group meeting but with a bunch of unfamiliar faces who you can learn from.

For more information and to register, click here (secure link available to Microsoft Partners only).


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