Seth Godin Is Weird

For anyone who has encountered our company, you’ll know that our name is a blatant acknowledgement to a book written by American Marketer’s Marketer Seth Godin. Our company finds remarkable ideas from our Channel and beyond to then distil them for our clients in a way that makes them stand out and grow their business. Some are short term, whilst others affect the intrinsic culture of the business and take a little longer to create positive change.

Seth’s recent book release ‘We Are All Weird‘ has been recently covered by Mitch Joel in one of his podcasts which we recommend you have a listen to. Yes, it’s about marketing but it’s relevant to businesses from any industry that are trying to shake the trappings of conformity.

If you believe that just because you’re the age and sex you are, doesn’t mean you’ll like a certain type of food and a certain type of fashion, then this is a great book to read and provoke further thought.

Just have a pen and paper to hand because it’s guaranteed you’ll have an explosion of ideas you’ll immediately want to implement into your business.

Enjoy the podcast and if you do get the book we’d love to hear what you thought.


Your turn!

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