I’m in the Cowshed!

Welcome to my first blog entry, for Purple Cow Ideas Management as employee number 1!

I had recently just got back from Italy, after doing a stint there as an English Language teacher, as well as fitting in having a baby (well my fiancée did most of that but I am a very hands-on dad!)

My aim when I got back to England, was to go back into a Sales role but fate would have it that I got in contact with Susanne (actually to see if she knew of any roles in the industry, especially with all the contacts Susanne has!).

However, after a great pitch by Susanne, I just couldn’t resist taking on this unique opportunity with Purple Cow, and now I am part of the team!

I am two weeks in and it has been an interesting start. I have been to a few events already and heard lots on the cloud (surprise, surprise!)

I have to say I was a little disappointed, as it would have been good to hear about what else is going on in the industry, especially about opportunities outside of the cloud (and I don’t think I am the only one who shares this opinion)

I also went to two Microsoft Partner briefings and was a strange experience, being ex-MS, to be looking in from the outside!

I did get to catch up with some familiar faces and also met some new ones, to introduce myself under my new Purple Cow badge.

There’s also lots of exciting things coming up on the horizon, with some nice projects on the go, which I am excited to be a part of.

So watch this space and be warned – the Purple Cows are out of the field and are on the move!


3 thoughts on “I’m in the Cowshed!

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  2. Unfortunately things did pan out the way we all hoped and Kris sadly left us in April. However, we’re really pleased for him as he starts a new chapter in his career with CompTIA helping them grow and develop their membership and community programme.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for him and say ‘hi’ when you next see him; maybe he’ll be able to help show you how CompTIA can help grow your business and your people within it.

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