Now We are Two

This week brings with it a big chocolate cake from Marks & Spencer to help us celebrate our second birthday here at the Cowshed. Sometimes when I think about it, the time time has flown past but I also remember a lot of those longer hours spent thinking about how I should have the company stand out as a remarkable entity in an industry we’re trying to get others to be purple in as well.

In the early days, there were a lot of ‘teething’ issues both in terms of how to ‘be’ a business and also regarding making that switch from a one-woman-entity to a company where we employ people.

2011 has been wonderful to us, and whilst we may not have grown to the same degree others had hoped we would, we’ve been careful not to open the oven door too quickly and deflate our delicate soufflĂ©.

I’m extremely grateful to those around me who have helped me along the way – many have given me positive experiences to learn from but I’ve also valued the negative times where I’ve learned that little bit more about myself.

Two years ago I was told by a friend of mine that my business idea wouldn’t last longer than a year and on reflection, I think he did it to provoke further drive in me. We joke about it now and it’s so wonderful to hear how proud he is of me – especially as he was a catalyst in getting me to the point where I’m reflecting on two years.

With a wedding just around the corner I know that 2012 will kick off in our usual fashion of being busily creative and on the whole I’m really chuffed to be in that position. The company (yes, ‘the company’) is now three strong with Kris joining in October and Sarah starting today – both have very different qualities that they bring to the company and I look forward to seeing them take the company on to a level that I couldn’t do alone.

With two years under my belt despite the economic pressures we’ve faced over this time, I know we have something great to communicated to those around us. I know what our contribution to the Channel’s mindshare is of value to those we touch and I can only look forward to making many new connections in the next year as well as strengthening those that we already treasure.

Now, where’s my slice of chocolate cake?


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