Free Ideas From The World’s Best Authors

Stop letting your book collection grow whilst at the same time let the time you afford reading them shrink.

Find ways to absorb ideas in ways that suit your current lifestyle – even if that means making wedges in your daily lives to do so.

Here’s a quick way to absorb ideas using Amazon’s existing tools and services.

Using your Kindle, or a Kindle App on your iPad, Tablet, or SmartPhone, download the free samples of the books that interest you (including those which you’ve already bought but are yet to start).

You will need to have an account with Amazon (yes, that means they can legitimately stalk you) and you do need to connect your device to your account so it knows where to deliver the content.

Simply reading the first chapter or so, will give you instant food for thought, but you can then work out whether the content is compelling enough that you would purchase AND READ IT.

The good thing is that it’s free and so for all those carefully minding their cashflow, this is a healthy way to get your team reading more and discovering their potential. What’s more, you could get them to talk about what they liked about what they read and open it up for broader discussion as to it’s relevance to your business.

So rather than check on your emails whilst traveling around, why not swap it out for reading up on some new ideas for you and your business.

Remember though, ideas are just theoretical potential. It’s doing something with them that will really make the difference and that’s a challenge all in itself… Are you up for it?


Your turn!

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