Acknowledging Shift Happens

You may have been one of the many to have seen a video entitled ‘Shift Happens‘ either on YouTube or shown to you by a presenter who wanted to eclipse their own content with this highly interesting video.

We use one of the older versions to show children during their Learn to Earn Programme and whilst it’s somewhat out of date, the facts and figures never fail to blow their minds.

That’s why I’ve posted the latest one for you to watch and share with your colleagues. It’s less than five minutes long so sit everyone around your machine, turn up the sound and watch their faces as they react to one of the easiest ways of showing them they need to always be thinking about new ways of existing in the world.

And if you have children or know of some that you can sit with and show them this video, take the time to see how they react too. Compare and contrast their reactions to those of your business peers and colleagues – where and how do you develop the business so that you can unify their perspective of life better to focus the business better?

Very soon, if not already, you’ll realise that you don’t know half of what you thought you knew about our amazing Industry.

When Universities are currently training students for jobs that don’t even exist yet, not only do you need to know more about the context of your ecosystem, the more you need to know about the mindset of the new generations entering our industry now and long after you’ve retired.

Exciting ain’t it?!

Further reading and previous editions of the video can be found here.

Also check out Ken Robinson’s RSA presentation on ‘Changing Education Paradigms


One thought on “Acknowledging Shift Happens

  1. I still prefer the orginal video, this one goes by too fast for me to take in all the facts but maybe for the younger minds their brains are wired to take in info at a quicker rate! (I must be getting old)

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