Game Plan v1.0

In 10 years time, I’d like our company to be at a point where we can create something rather special that incorporates my personal and professional aspirations.

In 10 years time, I’d like our Cowshed to become a physical social hub for peers, colleagues, and clients to use as a place of meaningful business.

My ever-so basic drawing below is an interpretation of what’s in my head but I’m publishing it here because this vision has had a very positive effect on those who I have already shared it with – both inside and outside of our Channel.

The Cowshed will be primarily a place where you can come and go as you please; where you can work, collaborate, and grow your business together with like-minded professionals. The main part of the building (in the middle) will be where guests can have a spot of lunch (good coffee will be a must) or afternoon tea with plenty of space on the table to fit good food and great work together.

There will be all the behind-the-scenes technology needed to work comfortably and twice a day, guests will be invited to present on a particular topic or problem they need help solving where others will be able to listen and respond to.

Everyone will be expected to check in via our front of desk and your name and business will be publicly displayed for anyone to check and request to connect with. All guests will agree that if they aren’t working that any other guest can sit themselves down with them to discuss an opportunity or situation. From high-level management to the apprentice just starting out – everyone will make themselves equal when in the Cowshed so that positive mind-share can exist.

Our offices will be situated out the back (on the right of the picture) so that our staff can work wherever and guests likewise can wander in and say ‘hello’.

The better half has aspirations of his own (on the left of the picture) which the Cowshed will facilitate to the benefit of our guests and we’ll live on the property in a house close-by so that we can be around for the family.

So that’s a brief overview of what I think the UK-side of the Cowshed will look like (yes, there’s more) but I’m now in the process of working out what the dotted lines in between now and then look like.

Having this to look forward to helps me keep the ‘ship’ on course even when the weather gets a bit choppy every now and then.

What’s your vision for business?


5 thoughts on “Game Plan v1.0

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  3. Hi Susanne – great vision!! 🙂 And if there’s good conversation which I’m sure there would be, and great coffee…count me in! 🙂

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