Are you a Queue Builder?

Ever found yourself unwittingly starting a queue or noticed how if you and your friends are looking at something others will try a catch a look too?

On the whole, people like to be involved in things that are familiar to them and that exercise their natural curiosity. They like to have friends or family around them, whilst others may choose to immerse themselves in a passion of theirs such as exploring the great outdoors or pursuing new undiscovered musicians.

Because of this, if someone is looking for the queue outside of an event and you’re standing in the right spot for them to notice, then hey presto! you’re head of an impromptu queue! So how do you capitalise on this human tendency to the benefit of something you’d like others to follow?

What people are less open to is unfamiliar change, and whilst we all like to believe that we’re unique, we are in fact one of hundreds of thousands of people whose shared sets of beliefs and values let us connect easily with together. We all have a natural tendency to ignore or overlook what we don’t yet know or once disliked and instead pursue what we are already accepting of.

Queuing or staring at the same spectacle is easy with these kinds of people, particularly in situations where there is no onus on anyone to relate with each other. Probably one reason why London commuters get a bad rap for being less-than-engaging (for want of a better phrase).

But it is when we need to connect with others who resonate on a different vibration to us that the art of sales, marketing, and even internal people management becomes a challenge. only those who have mastered the craft (yes, these are jobs that require constant training and practice to get right) will realise that the trick to getting a ‘foot in the door’ is to find common ground.

In our Tech Community, you will find that you have a core number of people that you can easily relate to and talk candidly with over beers. But there are also others who you know you have a little more trouble connecting with.

If you offer a product or service that your customers already want and buy, your role as a salesperson mutates into essentially what is the role of an over-paid and reactive order taker. The salesperson should be able to get into a position where they attract the client to join their queue. More often than not, it means that the person advancing the situation has to overcome the pain of change in the process – that in itself needs the support of management and the ability for them to keep trying new ideas until one works.

So the challenge you and your colleagues in sales roles face is what are you creating that could attract new clients from outside of our comfort zone with ease? Is it an enhanced service proposition or the way in which you offer not just a product that clearly works, but a first-rate service that last long after the initial sale?

And the challenge for you and your entire business (technical support teams included) is how you effectively communicate it and compel your market to connect with you.

Once you’ve articulated both these challenges, you can draw up a tactical plan that EVERYONE can execute on.

Then you’ll be consciously starting a queue that will help lead to your success.


Your turn!

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