Remarkability in Action: Starbucks and iTunes

I’m a big fan of this idea. A great collaboration between two retail giants: Starbucks and iTunes (Apple).


When you wait for the barrister to hand you your caramel macchiato, this little point-of-sale promotion gets you to continue their sale experience long after you’ve wiped the froth off your nose.

Not only does it tempt you into downloading media you may otherwise have overlooked, now you have Apple tracking you and seeing that not only do you spend far too long in front of your PC, but you also like to hang out at certain Starbucks.

Still, if you can get over that, you’ll enjoy some really interesting Picks of the Weeks. The better half is happily enjoying Tetris on his iPhone so my coffee addiction can’t be all that bad can it?!

Remarkability Factor: 7/10

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