Microsoft Small Business Competency – #ianwatkins

On the 20th June 2005 I met a wonderful individual who goes by the name of Ian Watkins.

This is Ian:


No, that’s Ian ‘H’ Watkins from Steps, this is Ian:


Sorry, no, that is Ian Watkins from the Lost Prophets… This is Ian:


Yes, this is Ian Watkins, MD of Oxbridge Technology in Peterborough, all round good guy, and facilitator of the London SMB IT Pro Group for over seven years now.

Why am I putting the spotlight on Ian? Well, of late general attendance to the regional IT Pro community groups has dwindled. Before heading off to Australia, there were 15 in operation and now we’re looking at no more than half of them still meeting on a regular basis. What a shame.

But, with the regular job changes of those within Microsoft and the like, commitment to facilitate, host, and present at these events has dwindled resulting in lack-lustre attendance and in turn putting off speakers from biting regional facilitators hands off to engage with the ‘S’ of their SMB market. What a shame!

But the good news is that Alex Kureen from the Microsoft Partner Network has been scheduled by Ian to speak to SMB IT Pros in and around London to garner feedback about the new Small Business Competency. I’m telling you now so you can put it in your diary, organise some business meetings around it, and pack out the Coach and Horses.

And whilst Alex may not be one of the more senior players in Microsoft to change the way the programme operates, he can feed what he gleans back so make sure your voice counts.

In other news, a recent conversation with Clare Barclay and a few other senior UK vendors shows signs that there is a bigger play in the SMB space over and above the SB Competency needed to support our Channel better so let’s see what conversations take place at this year’s WPC.

So if you can be in London on the 10th September, contact Ian and get yourself a seat.

See you there.


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Small Business Competency – #ianwatkins

  1. Surprised he’s still standing after visiting Manchester… He got shredded lol.
    And also be interesting to see if he has any feedback after the recent conference call with Eric Ligman – that was really good… And there should have been a meeting this week about that…

    • I’m assuming you’re not talking about Ian! 🙂

      I would hope that if there was any feedback coming out from that meeting it would be back to you far sooner than August/September although WPC may be when more is discussed around the feedback.

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