Remarkability in Action: Ecover

On a browse around this year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, we bumped into the promotional team for Ecover who were handing out samples of their washing up liquid. Oh yes, exciting I know.

The team were keen to point out that whilst since their inception, their products had been kinder to the environment than others that they hadn’t quite replicated the same approach to their packaging. Until now that is as they now use processed sugar cane to breath their environmentally-friendly approach into everything they pass onto the client.

I really like how they’re helping their customers feel more confident in their products by re-enforcing their message at every step possible.

Remarkability Factor: 8/10 because the team made this their leading point to some already very loyal customers.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Remarkability in Action: Ecover

  1. I think Ecover have done a remarkable job identifying their brand with “green” shoppers like myself. Whatever the home cleaning item I need when I’m shopping, I always look for Ecover as they’ve done a great job sharing their commitment to an environmentally-friendly approach with me over the years.

  2. We have a local high street shop who sell ecover refills for washing up liquid, fabric softener etc, so this further reduces packaging waste (and price!) and means they can carry more stock in a small space than they otherwise could, which helps them stay competitive against our local giant superstore.

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