Turning Water into Ice

The ideas are definitely flowing here at the Cowshed and come September time, many of you will be privy to some of the activities currently in draft format. Since Susie came on-board, it has been much easier to find the head space needed to go from ‘oh that’s a good idea!’ to ‘what can we do with it and how is it compelling to the outside world?’; the fluidity of ideas has never been a problem here, instead it has been having the resources in place to commoditise them so that we can generate further commercial interest and ultimately scale upwards and outwards.

A few years ago I heard on the radio a brief report on El Bulli*, a restaurant in Spain that closes for half the year to allow their staff to research, explore, and create new dishes and ways of cooking as a result of the ideas it generated. Whilst it is simply not possible to do this and indeed I’m not sure I would want to, it did inspire me to look to August as our ‘Pilot Light Month’ whereby we turn our energies into reworking our own business so we’re better prepared to help rework others from September onwards.

We will still be looking after our clients and still be honouring meetings scheduled during the month but we will all have a specific focus to get floating ideas pinned down and frozen into tangible assets we can share with others. We are even pulling in other people to help us achieve our ambitions so that we can inject new ways of approaching mature ideas and pass this immediately onto our existing clients.

It will keep us busy, that’s for sure but it is essential to give the company a rest to reset and approach the other 11 months with renewed energy and excitement.

*The reference to a restaurant featuring a bull/bovine was purely accidental



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