Susie’s Seven Weeks in the Cowshed


It’s been just over seven weeks since I joined the herd at Purple Cow Ideas Management.

What a seven weeks!

It’s not just my working life that has changed.  It is my outlook on life in general.  Susanne’s vision and the Cowshed journey has got under my skin.

These are just some of the changes I have noticed in myself in seven weeks.

Giving 100% full focus to the person I am with – I have lost the bad habit of checking my phone in meetings and wonder how I ever became so rude in the first place. It now amazes me seeing how many other people have forgotten their manners.

Caring about how I look – I am in the process of re-styling myself and now know which clothes suit me.  The local charity shop has a few bags of clothes coming their way that will make someone else look lovely! Looking good really does make a difference to my attitude.

Reading and attending events and webinars – I now do both regularly and realised it is part of my working life.  I always used to try and fit these things in whenever I could.  And most of the time, I didn’t find time – a thing of the past.  I listened to a webinar just this morning and have also become hooked of WIRED magazine.

Writing – I started free writing.  It was a real eye-opener.  Whilst you will see some of my writing here on our blog, I am beginning to think there is an author in me!  Previously, I had only written when it was copywriting for clients.  I have realised I am better at copywriting if I am writing freely.

Cooking again – I used to love cooking and had just become lazy.  I am back in the kitchen and cooking up a storm.  Mushroom risotto was my lastest success.  And I have reclaimed my Jamie book back from my mum!

Switching off – Having been in consultancy for 15 years and having been a bit of a workaholic, I wasn’t very good at saying no, or at switching off from work.  I’ve now realised that switching off is as important than switching on.  Not only does all work and no play make Susie a boring girl, it also stifles her creativity, makes her very narrow minded and stresses her out.  No more.  I have learnt to put the laptop down and put on a film.

The strange this is that none of these things are major changes but they have all had major impacts on my life.  And they were all within me anyway.  I just seem to have the space to embrace all this good stuff now.

I am on my way to creating a great life for me and my family as part of the Cowshed.

I’ve not really focussed on the work I have done since I have been here, nor the great people I have met.  I think that telling you about these kind of changes will help you to get to know me and what it is like to be part of Purple Cow Ideas Management.

If you want to know more then please get in touch at @susiegmay.

I’ll be back again in seven weeks with my next personal update and I am sure one of the things I am going to achieve is to apologise less.  If you catch me saying sorry too much, feel free to remind me of my new ways of thinking!



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