Seeking out Alternative Business Opportunities

I’m beginning to feel more and more comfortable laying my brain out on the table for others (and particularly strangers) to understand more about how I’m wired and why I am building this business. It is not always easy but in doing so, it leaves space in my mind for new ideas and thought processes. Let’s just say it is something I’m getting used to…

In the process, I received an email newsletter from The Guardian Small Business Network asking for submissions to their competition. I encourage you to think about whether your business fits one of the categories and if so, you should enter too – you never know, the judge may favour you and you win!

It’s worth scanning your junk emails every so often to see what is going on in the land of the non-technical and see if you can shift their focus onto you as a technology specialist. You may be one of the many IT Technology companies saying how brilliant your people are and how you use only the best technologies from vendors you partner with but in most cases, so is the next competitor… and the next, and the next, and so on.

So you’re either a purple cow in a field of other purple cow or worse, you’re a mis-guided brown cow in a field of other brown cows. If you’re the former, you need to move out and find a field where you can be noticed. You’ll need to be in a herd and customers need choice but you need to do something remarkable to get their attention.

And if getting yourself featured in a way that isn’t typical to you both in terms of content and market then just do it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Don’t be afraid to keep trying new things if they feel like they stretch you outside of your comfort zone as it may be just the ticket to transforming your business into what you always wanted it to be. And we can be there to help you, just ask and we’ll show you the field you can comfortably graze in.


Your turn!

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