Delivering Age & Experience As A Service

This image was taken at Synaxon UK’s National Conference in Crewe this year. The gentleman speaking is Jason Beal, Senior Director for Software and Services (EMEA) at Ingram Micro.

The picture behind him is of the individuals who currently make up his growing team of Cloud Specialists. What I found really interesting about this picture was the average age of the team. I’m pretty sure that most of them averaged an age of their mid-30s which I was genuinely impressed with. Why? Well, I’m still seeing far too many teenagers and those in their early 20s thrown into roles such as sales or technical support where they lack the knowledge or experience to enable them to effectively mirror the needs of their customers and clients.

I look at this team and feel more confident that many, if not most, have plenty of experience that they could lend to their clients. Why should this matter? Well in a world where supply of technological options outstrips demand, it’s critical to have the right workforce where their experience is the value needed to make a competitive difference.

Forget thinking your pricing model being cost + n%, you need to be thinking more in the way of business + value (people+product or service+process). It’ll be the value in your workforce that will give you your USP. The right workforce in place will help you be more intuitive in the marketplace allowing you to select and serve the clients you want and avoid missing out on sales opportunities.



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