Internal Communications – The Key to Success in the IT Industry

How well do the IT companies preparing themselves for 2013 (and beyond) communicate with their people?

Most still say that people are key to their success.  Yet how many companies communicate with them openly? Internal communications is a passion of mine and I have a desire to encourage as many MSPs, VARs and technology businesses to take it as seriously, if not more seriously than communicating with their customers.


Because it is your people who deal with your customers every day.  Perceptions of your IT business are determined by the interactions your customers have with your people.  Surely that is worth investing in?

Internal communication is the only business activity that every single person in the organisation must do and effective internal communication makes commercial sense.

Do your people know about your business plans and where the company is heading? Would they be able to identify your key clients? Can they spot really great opportunities and understand the profile of a perfect new client? Do they know the latest news in your client’s companies?

Human beings are not born with an internal communication gene enabling them to instinctively decipher what needs communicating to whom, why, how and when. Yet senior management teams of many IT businesses behave as if we do.

There are simple strategies and systems you can implement to deliver effective internal communications.

So what?  How can reading this help you improve your business?  There are two simple ways we can help.

1) We can help you to improve your internal communication and in turn your sales and profit.  Over the last 15 years, I have helped many organisations with the basics and created business development opportunities from simply creating systems to connect people in the business.  With a clear internal communication strategy, this part of your business can run as smoothly as your technology.

2) We can help your customers.  We have experience in successfully implementing new technology and helping users to adopt technology and understand the benefits.  In the IT industry, much is written about policies especially when considering BYOD.  Whilst I agree that companies need policies, I would argue that they are ineffective without an internal communication strategy.  Internal communications help to turn great technology into great technology that is used to produce remarkable results.

Interested? Get in touch with us here at the Cowshed.

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