Defining Success with Year 9 Students

Some of the work I do with Young Enterprise enables me to work with 13 and 14 year olds as they decide on what GCSEs to take the following academic year.

Before they wrapped up for the summer holidays (oh yes, they are nearly over!) I spent a day with a hundred or so girls as we talked about life after academia and the careers they may want to have.

We nearly always start off with defining success which eventually gets them thinking beyond cash, houses, and cars and more towards what in fact they really want out of life. This eventually gets them thinking about happiness, health, family, friends etc…

I wanted to show you one of the spider diagrams one table of students put together:

Other than the girls being on first name terms with Richard Branson (see bottom left) and the mixed grouping of individuals down the left hand side, it’s interesting to see who they’ve listed as successful.

All of them have done something with their lives. We may not necessarily agree with an individual’s set of values and goals but speaking with the group, and in fact the rest of the room they found those who had pushed for better/best garnered their respect.

But when I asked them if they thought they could achieve something similar to even one of these on the list they hesitated.

Already I was watching these young ladies lose some of what is so great about being a child and in place fill it with “I can’t” for fear of failure or standing out.

If you know of or have young adults in your lives, please don’t let them hold themselves back.

We need them to be part of the generation of adults that are on future year 9 students’ list of successful people.



Your turn!

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