Remarkability in Action: Tea Monkey

I’m writing this from a great tea shop.

I love the fact that there are so many different people in here.  There are two meetings going on, a few families having lunch, three of us on laptops, and a long line of children on ipads chatting to each other.  It is a great atmosphere and we are all mingling together getting on with whatever we want to do.

On top of that, the employees are nice.  More than nice.  They greet you with a smile and help you carry your drinks.  And they have just come over to me to check I got online OK.

Now my hot chocolate has arrived.

Great presentation, and great hot chocolate.

And there are floor to ceiling windows to do some serious people watching.

Well done Tea Monkey.  You have got it right.

So you might ask me about the tea.  And that is where I will let you down as I don’t drink tea.  But they did win the Best UK Tea Award 2011 by the Beverage Standards Association so my guess is that they are pretty good at that too.

There are so many brilliant things they are doing – clearing the tables as soon as they are vacated, helping the children use the iPads (not that they need much help!), interacting with customers without being pushy, asking if you need to plug in your laptop and showing you where to get charge, in store printing – the list goes on and on.

Remarkability factor: 9/10 – because they have chosen what to do and are doing it really well – remarkably well.

What do you think?



Your turn!

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