Being Inspired by Young Enterprise – Susie’s Day One

Exactly twenty years ago I was an excited Managing Director of Zanda Candles, our Young Enterprise business.

I have fond memories of our company and its achievements. As well as covering my mum’s garage floor in candle wax and ruining just about every pot and pan, I learnt a lot from my experience and it was the start of my journey into business.

This week I attended Young Enterprise Business Advisor Training and heard some amazing stories to prepare me in my role of Business Advisor.

Last year more than 26,000 students set up over 2,000 companies with an amazing range of products including:

  • “The Measure Up Cup” which allows children to pour their own diluting juice by having a clear guide to recommended levels
  • “ReWind”, a simple device to keep headphone wires detangled
  • “Fresh” who have now teamed up with Waitrose to take their product to the shop floor – a car fragrance to remind people to bring their shopping bags to the supermarket, capitalising on the scientifically proven link between smell and memory.

Wow. I am impressed.

Young Enterprise has the backing of many people including Sir Richard Branson (see his YE film).  I am glad to be one of them.

A recent report Enterprise Education: Value and Direction from the Education and Employers Taskforce found that “students who take part in Young Enterprise are five times less likely to be unemployed.” And when I read about results like that it compels me to do a great job at being an advisor.  I am really looking forward to helping and learning from the young people of Milton Keynes.

This is an excerpt from my Managing Director’s report from 1993.

“We have learnt to compromise, motivate, make decisions, plan, learn from less successful ventures, report, delegate, accept responsibilities and above all, communicate.”  Susie, Managing Director, Zanda Candles

If I can help each student with one aspect of this impressive list, I will be a happy advisor.  I am looking forward to meeting the students.  I just hope they don’t want to make candles – been there, done that and runied a few t-shirts!



Your turn!

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