Remarkability in Action: HSBC (Topic 6)

Many of you fellow travelers may have seen the HSBC adverts featured at many UK airports as you head through to board your plane. They typically play on a statement that has a double meaning and use two different images to illustrate the point they are trying to make. This is usually HSBC saying that they have local knowledge in a worldwide market making them the best people for you to bank with. That’s your choice obviously, not mine.

However, here at the Cowshed, we’ve been working on a number of projects here during August and September and some relate to strengthening the connections between current management and the future workforce coming through from generation M/X. With that in mind, HSBC’s current adverts in Heathrow resonated rather well with us as I hope they do among many employers and managers in our industry:

It doesn’t take too long a search online to realise that our industry will experience a glut of managers that can motivate and grow our workforce in the next few years. Not to mention we’ll be losing decades of pre-PC experience in the next 7-10 years as our business leaders retire so it’s really important to heed the writing on the wall (literally) and if it means taking the nudge from others outside our industry then so be it.

Remarkability factor: 7/10 – more if any of these pictures help you realise that you as a reader need to help bring better education to our Channel.



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