Susie’s Fourteen Weeks in the Cowshed

I am pleased to say that I have cracked a few of these new behaviours I told you about in my first seven weeks at the Cowshed and made them “normal life”.  My successes have been: giving 100% full focus to the person I am with, reading, attending events and webinars, writing and switching off.

I’m still working on “caring about how I look” and I think my husband wishes there had been more progress is the “cooking again” category!  He’ll be pleased to know that this blog has prompted me to cook him dinner tonight.  I am happy with my seven weeks progress – give myself a pat on the back.

You can achieve a lot in fourteen weeks – cover your basic training in the Army, grow a baby approximately 3.5 inches long or train a puppy.  Here is what I have managed to do in changing my behaviours – and some of these have be ingrained in my personality for some time.  I may not be as naughty as a puppy but I have undone a few back tricks.

Be early – I am not a morning person.  And I have always used this as an excuse to be “just on time” or if I am honest “a few minutes late” to everything.  I look at the people rushing, fretting and starting their day in a horrible way and wonder why they do it to themselves.  I am still no angel and don’t really like getting out of bed but now I get to meetings early and I have a much more calm start to my day.

Eat well – Again, this isn’t rocket science.  I have made time for breakfast and I eat healthy food from Monday to Friday which give me the energy I need to work well.  I have always advocated that my family eat our evening meal together, but  now we eat breakfast together too  and it is such a great start to the day.  At weekends I eat what I want – bring on the chocolate!

Holiday well – I had a week in Cornwall with my husband and children and I wasn’t ill.  Usually I would reach such a peak of stress prior to holiday that my body would crash.  And when I returned, my great colleagues at the Cowshed had not emailed me so I came back to a manageable workload and inbox.  I can still remember the holiday five weeks later.

Becoming more productive – Most of these lessons I have learnt about productivy have been due to reading “How to Become a Productivity Ninja”.  I have learnt when my really productive times of day are and how to protect them for my most important work.  And I’ve learnt to switch off email.  I am still finishing the book so am a little enthusiastic and could go on for hours so let’s see how well I am going at week 21!

Look after my body – I am overweight and don’t feel great about my body at the moment.  I had a bit of a false start with my exercise as I went for a run with Susanne and have a knee injury already.  Still – I am not letting this hurdle stop me and am starting yoga and swimming.  I am looking forward to baggier clothes by week 21 (I am really looking forward to shopping for the new clothes a size smaller!).

Give a bit back – I am so pleased and excited about becoming a Young Enterprise Business Advisor and will be starting to work with students during September.  There is a pattern forming here – I have spoken about doing something for a long time and instead of continuing to talk about it, I have just got on and done it.  And I am really looking forward to it.

I feel like I understand Purple Cow Ideas Management better now.  The experiences that I am explaining in these blogs are not happening by accident.

This company really does bring the best out in me and allows me the space to be my best and achieve my best.  It has taken this long for me to really settle in and connect with Susanne’s vision for the cowshed.

I feel motivated, happy, productive, healthy and am in the right place to conjure up some remarkable ideas.

We are always happy to hear from remarkable people who want to join our team so get in touch if you like the sound of my experiences.



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