Remarkability in Action: The Staff Canteen

When the staff in this office that I was in weren’t looking I took a photo of this.

Signs like this tend only to appear as a result of an individual or a few reacting to a recurring problem, a bad habit, or anything that conflicts with the status quo. What this shows me is that frequently a few of this particular company’s staff drain their hot beverage machine maker of water without any regard for their colleagues who will follow shortly.

This is like the signs you see on the back of toilet doors that say something along the lines of ‘please leave this toilet in the same way you’d wish to find it’.

This is a sign. This is a piece of internal communication that has been placed in direct view of the user to remind them to be considerate to others. A basic piece of common sense. You’d think.

But this is also external communication. This is marketing that I and anyone else who is invited into the canteen can read.

And what I read is that whilst others have less regard for their colleagues, there are others there trying hard to get them to have more.

Everything is marketing. Marketing is everything.

Remarkability Factor: 7/10 but mainly for all the wrong reasons.



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