Remarkability in Action: Graze Trade


We have been getting these little Nibbles Boxes for a few weeks now and they never cease to amaze me. You may already receive them yourself either at home or work, but if not, let me tell you a little bit more:

A friend introduced me to the Graze trade by an email promoting a free Nibble Box. As soon as I signed up my friend was awarded her free box. This was the first thing that had me interested.

Your free box is sent to you containing a selection of nibbles. If you then choose to continue receiving this it is sent to you either weekly or fortnightly for around £4.00 and each time it is a different selection. In the box, not only do you find your selection of nibbles, you are also brought into the world of Graze with literature about the contents, where and how they were made, and what to expect in your box next. I am now looking forward to getting some popcorn that I can go online and even choose the flavor of! – This was second interesting bit.

The third bit of greatness is you are then invited to rate your Nibble Box on their website giving you the chance to say what you’d like to see more of (or less of) in your next boxes.

I’d also like to remark on the packaging – it is not just a brown box that lands on your doormat, but a box you feel the energy surging out of upon opening it, as loud colourful images jump out at you.

I hope I have your mouth watering – mine is just writing about it 🙂

Go and Graze at and tell us what you think.

Remarkability Factor: 9/10


Your turn!

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