The Importance of Social Strategy as part of your Plans for 2013

Here’s our Susie presenting to the UK reseller audience at CompTIA’s EMEA Member Conference in London last month. It was her first outing and we here think she did a rather good job! Susie helped me to explain further the compelling reasons why businesses should look to incorporate social strategy in preparation for 2013.

This year, CompTIA released their Quick Start Guide to Social Strategies as well as a more comprehensive edition that guides readers through 10 weeks so as to establish social strategy as part of the overall business plan.

If you are a CompTIA member, you can pick up both the Quick Start and 10-Week Guide from here (external link).

Even if you don’t read these documents, we’d like to share with you six things you need to consider when it comes to social:

1. Be realistic: Incorporating social networking activities may have a short-term impact on the time and people needed but by making the investment you will make the change needed to move on from traditional marketing activities;

2. Think repeatable: Creating content that can be repurposed for multiple platforms is critical for success;

3. Understand the operational implications: Sales and marketing goals must be rethought, reporting metrics should be adjusted, and compensation models may need to be revisited;

4. Embrace new marketing tactics: Build a plan focused on the sales cycle that incorporates educating existing customers;

5. Make the commitment: Appoint someone to lead the transformation;

6. Get started now!



Your turn!

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