Don’t get ready, get started!

Be it internal or external communication, if you don’t know what or how to say what you mean in order to achieve your vision, you’ll struggle against those who took the time to think about this carefully.

I greatly admire one of my clients for making a concerted effort in getting to grips with this because it’s not always easy. Time, a never ending list of things to do, and external commitments all muddy the waters in knowing how best to get things out there. But when mixed with a dash of courage, a pinch of passion, and big dollop of belief in what you want to say, all helps ensure you make communication a priority.

Communication can come in all shapes and forms that can appeal to all or some of our senses. Judging which sense you want to connect with when communicating is key because it will determine how you communicate. Think about the last email you received where you couldn’t interpret the tone of the sender and you should understand what I mean by this.

It’s also important to note that communication is regarded as bi-directional. This particular client is brilliant at taking on board the feedback from those around her – colleagues, customers, peers, and family members. She takes the feedback, good and/or bad, and folds it into her business plan which is always in ‘Perpetual Beta‘. I think she’s never 100% happy that it’s never 100% perfect but it can be a debilitating stress if not reasonably controlled.

Whether your message is polished or still in an embryonic stage, communicating it when you need a response of some sort (a question or an action for example) really is okay even if it’s not necessarily the final version.

I’ve gone through several different strap lines for the company, numerous profile page edits, and a handful of ‘elevator pitches’ which continue to evolve as I do.

If you wait for perfection before throwing things out there, you’ll never get it. You, your business, and everything around is affected by external factors (some out of our control) that contribute to the way we are crafted. Perfection is whatever you want it to be. For my client it appears that perfection is having the continued mutual support of those around her where everyone succeeds as they help her achieve likewise.

So be more like her: don’t get ready, get started!


Your turn!

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