The Infliction of LinkedIn Laziness


When are sales managers going to realise that suggesting their team use LinkedIn as a tool is not enough? Educating them about how to effectively use it would be far more efficient. Don’t most realise that it involves at the very least a little bit of social decorum?

It should hardly be of a surprise to any sales person that there is a growing trend for their recipients to ignore their connection requests if all they send is something like the above image. I can’t imagine any of them would stand in the middle of a room full of potential customers with their hand outstretched waiting for someone to make the effort and shake it.

This laziness is a potential reflection on how they intend to maintain the relationship – low-level interaction and an imbalance of effort on their part.

You wouldn’t do it in person so why think it’s okay to do it online?

Stop it now as you risk being socially black listed.


Your turn!

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