Get on the Write Side of your Customers


Looking for ways to add value to your customers’ customer relations? No? Why ever not?!

The secret to any sale is to uncover a problem(s) your customer is struggling with and help them solve it. By focusing on helping your customer succeed, you will stand yourself in good stead for a long-term successful business relationship. Something as simple as creating compelling content for them to communicate could be all that’s needed to help you stand out.

There are countless businesses in the IT industry struggling with the idea of ‘social media’, a term that is looking a little tired of late but one that shouldn’t be ignored. So why not take a revised approach to the opportunity and think about lending your knowledge on this topic to your customers?

I don’t mean transform into another social media ‘guru’ but rather contribute to the efforts of your customers as they look to build and maintain their own sales pipeline? Have a look through your own blog articles or the content you’ve written previously in company newsletters or to your staff – could any of it be reworked and re-delivered to your customers to communicate to theirs?

You could deliver it as a sales differentiator or even offer it to your A-bucket clients as part of your value add.

Remember, the more successful your clients are, the more successful you’ll be if you ensure you’re part of the reason for it.

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