Just what is SME in 2013?


A client sent me on a ‘dig-around-the-Internet’ exercise to help him get a broader understanding of who defines the ‘s’ and ‘m’ as what when it comes to SME in the UK IT industry.

Here’s what I found:

FSB, Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix, Wikipedia, UK Government, & the EU European Commission: up to 250 employees for medium and up to 50 for small


Gartner: up to 999 for medium and up to 100 for small

CompTIA: up to 500 for medium and small (IT Industry Outlook 2013: Section 1)

IBM & VMware: up to 1,000 employees for medium

It looks like if you’re going to set a definition based on headcount alone go with <50 employees for small and <250 for medium. I’d suggest taking everyone else’s definition with a pinch of salt, particularly if they push a particular product your way that doesn’t fit… they’ll soon come around 😉

For anyone looking at turnover consider ~<£40m for medium and ~<£8m for small.


Your turn!

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