Stand up and Sell

The Voice

Some of you may watch or at least have heard of The Voice. The concept behind it is that those auditioning are judged purely on their voice – it’s been pretty inspiring to see partially blind singers and those who don’t necessarily fit the social ‘norm’ fly… so uplifting.

At the end of each audition the judges, whether they have registered their interest by turning round or not, are able to give each singer some constructive criticism. One piece that comes up time and time again is the focus on how important breathing is to ensure a clear and emotionally connecting performance.

Breathing is often overlooked as a sales technique too and in the same way if you get it right, you too come across clearly and emotionally connecting – very important I’m sure you’ll agree.

But when you get breathing wrong it can cause all sorts of problems and if you don’t find a way to control it you can often miss such amazing opportunities.

So simple yet so important.

And by breathing properly you allow oxygen to reach your brain and help you adapt to a curve ball question or think on your feet as the conversation naturally evolves.

Like The Voice, when you are using the telephone to engage with others you are being judged on nothing else but your voice. So again, breathing is really important.

One of the best ways to physically help yourself is to stand up when you make the call. The actual act of movement will help you think better in any case but for many they find it hard to stand up when all the rest sit down.

But give it a try – I promise you once you have gotten over the feeling that you are doing something different you’ll settle into the swing of things and maybe find it hard to go back to sitting and selling.


Your turn!

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