How to find the Organ Grinder and not the Monkey

Whether it’s a job applicant, a member of staff under review, or a blossoming customer relationship here’s a quick way of making sure they are the right person for your business.

A – Do they have the right Attitude?

E – Do they have the right kind of Energy that makes you feel you can connect with them?

I – What’s their level of Insight into what you are discussing? Do you feel comfortable that they are competent around the subject?

O – Are they Open minded? An important aspect of any person, especially when it comes to potentially conflicting situations that they need to negotiate.

U – Will they be Useful in achieving the goals and expectations set at the beginning of the meeting?

Jotting these five letters down to mark a ‘x’ or a tick against each will help give you an indication as to whether you are talking to the right person for your business or not. Too few ‘x’s with someone like a prospect will mean you’ll have to dig a little deeper before writing them off completely. If the opportunity is good enough but the person isn’t, you should start making plans to seek out their colleague who will help make things happen.


Your turn!

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