How to avoid leaving a deal wanting more.


Just ask!

In sales speak leaving something ‘on the table’ is a sign that you haven’t done the best that you can in a deal. If you only take 90% of the total opportunity, you give 10% to someone else that could have otherwise been yours.

Some of my biggest clients know exactly what their Share of Wallet (SoW) is with each of their customers – they know how much each customer is spending with them and how much more they should be asking for you. In knowing this, their sales managers can have constructive conversations with their teams around do more with what they already have.

It’s all a matter of having the courage to ask. If you don’t, it’s only you holding yourself back. And what’s the worse they could say? “No”? Well that’s hardly terminal is it?

Unless you care little for the needs of your customer, taking that additional 10% for example for yourself is only going to help them.

If you’re not hitting your sales targets and you know you could have made it easier to achieve by asking for more then you only have yourself to question.


Your turn!

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