The Perils of Life Through a Lens

Am I one of the few who thinks holding up an iPad to record an event or incident strange? It seems quite commonplace for us as humans to accept that technology is an established part of our lives whether we like it or not.

Earlier in the year James McAvoy halted a theatre performance when he spotted a member of his audience recording it. There have been similar cases of the audience interrupting a performance such as when Marcus Brigstocke called out a patron who had spent most of the Spamalot show texting; it seems that where technology conflicts with performing arts, it is the artists who are re-enforcing the boundaries.

Maybe we should all take a leaf out of their books.

Indeed, for those in a number of public situations who suffer at the selfishness of others it encourages an anti-social opinion of others in general. Disrupted train journeys as a result of phone calls and texting, music gigs where you can’t see beyond the sea of digital camera screens, and the tinny sound of music played on speaker phone.

What happened to sitting quietly living in the moment and using our Noggins to create personal memories? It’s with these memories that we can form our own opinions and make our own decisions. It seems far more commonplace these days to lift another’s opinion and use it without having anything deep to say about it. Spending more and more time looking outwards rather than looking inwards makes life a lot more transactional than it really should be. We are so overwhelmed by information at times that I often think we are wasting the very thing that is unique to us that would otherwise be an incredible tool: ourselves.

And at the end of the day when you get home from a gig with your phone battery hot from solid filming you realise how poor the quality of the recording was and how little you were in the moment to enjoy it.

Get a grip. Let technology work for you on terms that can only be laid out when you overcome your unhealthy reliance on gadgets.



Your turn!

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