You have to be in it to win it

Computer 2000 TechSelect Award

You only need to read stories of the likes of Bruce Springsteen or Donny Osmond to know that the life of an artist was tough long before they ‘made it’. I’ve always found the music industry a great source of inspiration when it comes to how I apply myself in my career so I always knew that to be an ‘overnight success’ took years of hard work.

The image above is a recognition of some of the steps I’ve been taking in the hope that some day I’ll ‘make it’. The image is of an award one of my clients collected earlier in the month for the TechSelect UK Partner Programme which we achieved because of the hard work we as a programmatic team did in collaboration with its associated resellers and vendors.

Computer 2000 TechSelect

It has taken three years to get to this point, numerous headcount changes, many late nights, and various occasions where trying to create something different felt pointless. But, here we are and how proud am I to realise that being able to drive something like this would never be easy or else everyone would be doing it.

Having the right people around you to guide you and give you the space to create is critical if you want to insight change, be disruptive (in a good way),  and be remarkable. Ensuring you have the right environment to sustain this can only be achieved if you yourself are passionate, you listen, you play to your strengths whilst letting others play to theirs. Having the right vision to share and allow others to contribute to it’s development is also critical and being able to hold tight to it when at times you feel like you’re drifting is essential if you want to avoid burning out.

TechSelect Advisory Council

As a result of this project I have been fortunate enough to be asked to manage another partner programme (vendor); both are aimed at leveraging mindshare between key clients to aid mutual business growth and I this is allowing me to realise the roles I like to embrace. It’s perhaps something that I’ve thought at times had no place in our industry given the demise  or lack of impact with other programmes but I can see just from the work I’ve achieved so far that if you get it right, it becomes an essential part of the the customer buying cycle and a major influence in the future of your marketing.

So whatever you are working on, be it a new business venture or a project you’ve been tasked with managing be sure to believe in what you are doing and ensure as many people around you who can help you along the way believe in it/you too. And don’t give up when the going gets tough because when the hard work pays off, you can be sure the end result will be worth it.


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