Who should read this Blog

In a recovering barbecue economy (think slow burning coals) the new realities of technology are rapidly erasing the line between IT and the rest of the business. In this new normal, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is pressured to do it all – innovate, drive growth, optimise costs, understand and manage risk – and to refocus governance towards business change instead of IT supply and demand.

This blog underpins much of what IT Professionals are experiencing… the a renewed understanding of the realities that IT brings:

  • Innovation and Growth
  • Cost and Value Optimisation
  • Risk Management
  • Governance

Now more than ever, ICT professionals are facing a plethora of new business challenges, from the way clients are educated about the possibilities technology presents, to the way existing services can be sustained in an efficient and profitable way.

This blog is one voice in a vast range of experts, but it is our observations of the ICT channel and our ability to act as conduits to the big fish in the little ponds and little fish in the oceans is what makes us a useful reference point for our readers.

High in Emotional Intelligence and with an established and long-standing career in this industry, the information published on this site is useful for any business owner in the technology channel looking for ways to stay remarkable in our crowded world.

Read on, absorb, and implement whatever you need to make your career better.

We hope this serves you well. Now. And in the future.


Susanne Dansey

Managing Director

Purple Cow Ideas Management Limited.