The Author


I have a wide range of skills and a great track record in achieving change in and through organisations.

There are four areas in which I specialise:

  1. I work with growing businesses within the IT Channel using a niche approach to strategic sales to achieve the best results for the client and their staff.
  2. I help clients create award-winning programmes for their customers that enable them to gain deeper insight and engagement with other organisations to provide valuable feedback exchanges that create the opportunity for mutual growth. I chair advisory councils with a sense commitment and professionalism that ensures that each is a stimulating success.
  3. I act on behalf of clients to help them to work successfully with third party and outsourced organisations such as web designers, marketers, and strategic partners to successfully manage project execution.
  4. I present to a variety of audiences on topics such as holistic sales, customer relationships, talent in the workplace, and leadership.

I know what it takes for an organisation specialising in technology products, software and services to be remarkable in the marketplace. Having spent several years as a reseller I moved into distribution and then to one of the largest and most innovative vendors in the world. This has helped me build up a deep vertical knowledge of the Channel that I now re-invests in her clients to help them grow.

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